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Vancouver’s most popular running trails

In the fourth instalment of our series we bring you some popular Strava segments from Vancouver

This week we bring you some trails in the Vancouver area that are well loved by the trail running community there, all of them in North Vancouver and easily accessible from the city.

We start with BP to Skyline drive, the first 1.8K segment of a 16K loop called The Cut, that features 1,000m of elevation gain and that Strava estimates can be run in about an hour and 40. (You can see the whole route here.)

Next, we take you to Lynn Peak Descent, part of the 31K Mt. Fromme Trails route that features almost 2,000m of elevation gain and can be run in 3:17. See the entire route here.


And finally, the Lynn Grind, a 0.43K segment of the 7.5K Lynn Headwaters route, featuring 225m of elevation gain, that takes about 47 minutes to run. Here’s the route.