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VIDEO: This stray dog accompanying an ultrarunner will melt your heart

This video of Gobi, a stray dog, running alongside an ultramarathon runner for much of a 250K race in China will melt your heart.

Gobi the dog

The incredible story of Gobi, a stray dog who joined an ultrarunner for the majority of a race, is getting attention around the world. At the Gobi March 2016 in June, Gobi joined Australian Dion Leonard early in the seven-day, six stage ultramarathon in China and ran with him for much of the 250K race.

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See the full backstory with additional photos on Canadian Running‘s earlier Gobi story. Recently, video of Gobi and Leonard has surfaced and posted to Facebook by BBC Radio 5 Live.

Leonard, who is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is going through the adoption process of bringing Gobi home with him after the two bonded during the race. Gobi was named after the Gobi Desert, where the ultramarathon was run. Gobi ran four stages alongside Leonard and the two stayed together each night in a tent.

RELATED: Stray dog bonds with ultrarunner and joins him for much of 250K race.

The dog also ran the final 10K of the race with Leonard as the two crossed the finish line together. It’s unclear how Gobi originally found the race site as the nearest city was several kilometres away.

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The breed of dog remains unknown though Leonard hopes to get more information when Gobi reaches the veterinarian in Beijing. He posted the following on Twitter on Friday.

Gobi is staying with the 4 Deserts (race organizers) Gobi March local manager while Leonard goes through the adoption process. He’s also getting the help of SPCA in Hong Kong according to the race website.

Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, Leonard received more than $23,000, more than the initial $8,600 target. Money raised will cover quarantine costs, veterinary bills and adoption paperwork.

Leonard hopes to have Gobi in Scotland by Christmas, according to Mashable.