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WATCH: Canada’s most remarkable trail runner

Dag Aabye is a 76-year-old legendary endurance runner who lives in the forests of British Columbia. This video tells his story.

Dag Aabye may be the trail runner you’ve never heard of. He is an ultrarunning champion living completely off the grid while exploring the forests of Vernon, B.C. Some may consider him Canada’s version of Caballo Blanco (Micah True) in the book Born to Run. Both humans authentically embody the essence of outdoor exploration and ultrarunning. Creators Justin Pelletier and Adam Maruniak tell his story in their film Never Die Easy.  

“Life’s not perfect, but some moments are,” says Aabye. Living simply is his motto. Aabye likely doesn’t have an iPhone, and is known for being hard to reach. If you want to find him, you can try catching him in August in Grand Cache, Alberta. Each year he runs the 125K Canadian Death Race in Alberta as the oldest entrant. He currently holds the record for the oldest person to complete the race.

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