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WATCH: Chris Mocko runs away from interview

Watch our version of The Mocko Show as we chat to Chris Mocko the day after he wins the 2019 Squamish 50 mile race

A few weeks ago, Chris Mocko came to Canada for the 2019 Squamish 50. The American Nike Trail Running athlete and host of The Mocko Show won the 50-mile race in 7:39:32. The win didn’t come easy, as local legend Nick Elson gradually closed the gap throughout the day, keeping Mocko on his toes. Nonetheless, Mocko kept smiling through aid stations and pushing hard all day.

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Chris Mocko in the lead of the 50-mile race with 11K to go. Photo: Canadian Trail Running

Less than two months ago, Mocko raced to 12th place at Western States 100. We caught up with him at the Squamish 50 weekend to ask about how his race went after Western States and what it felt like being chased by the other local boys. Mocko opens up about 100-mile recovery and how he prepared mentally and physically for the different terrain only found in Squamish.

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We caught up with Mocko for our own version of The Mocko Show the day after his Squamish 50-mile win. We found him hanging out at the Quest Aid Station on Sunday’s Squamish 50K race waiting to crew for his friends racing. As Mocko waited for his friends, we interrupted his recovery time by asking about his race the day before. Watch how quick his post-race legs are as he runs away from our interview:

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