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WATCH: Courtney Dauwalter in The Ultra Addict

Salomon TV and Max Romey capture what it takes for Courtney Dauwalter to win the 2018 Tahoe 200

They say that running 100 miles is like a lifetime in a day. So what happens over 200 miles? On September 7 2018, Courtney Dauwalter toed the line with 215 other runners for the Tahoe 205 mile race with over 40,000 feet (12,200 metres) of elevation gain. The course circumnavigates Lake Tahoe, over dry and steep terrain. 140 runners finished the race within the 100 hour cutoff, including Dauwalter who placed second overall while smashing previous course records for both women and men in 49:54:36.

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Dauwalter is no stranger to winning 200 mile races. She won the Moab 240 mile race outright in 2017, and the world has been watching her dominate the ultra-scene ever since. 200 miles is a lot of distance for things to go wrong, but also a lot of time for things to go right. Her advice is to “move yourself with your feet across beautiful trails for 200 miles.”

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The 2018 Tahoe 200 was hot, and like many ultrarunners, Dauwalter manages her stomach, feet, and mental game as times get tough. Filmmaker and ultrarunner Max Romey captures the highs and low in Dauwalter’s 2018 Tahoe 205 mile race, all while completing the 110 mile race himself. Watch Romey’s The Ultra Addict, which captures the behind-the-trees scenes of Dauwalter’s Tahoe 200.

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