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WATCH: Human Powered

Human Powered by Matt Cecil shows behind the scenes of one of the most rugged trail races in Canada

Completing a rugged trail race can be the accomplishment of a lifetime. So can executing one. Human Powered, by Matt Cecil showcases what it takes to organize Finlayson Arm 28K, 50K, and 100K races in Goldstream Provincial Park. Each September, founder and race director Myke Labelle is humbled by the trail running community coming together for the event.

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Featuring our 2018 Trail Runner of the Year, Darbykai Standrick setting the 50K course record, the race challenges even the strongest trail runners to “earn every kilometre.” Runners cross the finish line sweaty, thrashed, and perplexed that something so beautiful can be so tough. The relentless course not only proves the resilience in every participant, but the power of community coming together to bring these experiences to others.

Volunteers have the ability to change lives. In tough trail races, there are moments where no one is around and the runner has every excuse to quit. Sometimes a volunteer’s simple encouraging words can mean that runner will accomplish something they never thought possible.

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The rugged Finlayson race course (Mt. Finlayson)

Pushing through to the finish line isn’t always pretty for the runners. Neither is behind the scenes of a trail race weekend, and Cecil illustrates these realities perfectly. Hours and hours go into the course logistics, organization, acquiring supplies, co-ordinating volunteers, and of course, the food. The Finlayson Arm crew is inspiring. The film demonstrates what it really takes to put on a trail race, encouraging others to get involved.

Cecil’s full film will debut in July 2019.

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