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WATCH: Jeanelle Hazlett sets women’s FKT on B.C.’s Mount Brunswick

Shortly after her first 50-mile win, B.C. trail runner Jeanelle Hazlett decided to try for a women's FKT on a shorter, steeper route

Mount Brunswick rises 1,788 metres above B.C.’s Howe Sound between Vancouver and Squamish, and last August, 12 days after winning the Squamish 50 Miles race in her first crack at the distance, B.C. trail runner Jeanelle Hazlett decided to see how fast she could go up and down it.

Earlier in the fall, Hazlett, a Salomon ambassador, had travelled to Argentina with Team Canada for the World Mountain Running Championships, which saw 18 athletes compete over three different distances (Hazlett ran the marathon distance). She earned her spot after finishing second at the Canadian Mountain Running Championships in Vernon in May.

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In comparison, a quick jog to the top of Mount Brunswick and back (a total of 14 kilometres) might seem like a mere trifle. But as Hazlett, a former nurse who took up trail running three years ago, explains in the film, these short, technical FKT attempts (some would say more appropriately termed Strava CR’s) are full of risk. The footage of her running along the ridge at the summit is truly terrifying.

Thankfully, Hazlett makes it in one piece. Watch the film for more on her time.