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WATCH: Kilian Jornet: Path to Everest

Kilian Jorent, and dad-to-be releases film about summiting Mount Everest last May

Kilian Jornet

If anyone could attempt a double solo ascent up Everest without oxygen, it’s Kilian Jornet. As a child, Jornet dreamt about the mountains he wanted to climb and races he wanted to win. Documented in his book, Summits of My Life, Jornet shares the dreams and desires of his life as a mountain athlete.

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On May 22, 2017 Jornet’s dream came true. Twice. He completed a double solo ascent of Everest without oxygen. “Path to Everest” features Jornet alongside outstanding mountaineers such as Reinhold Messner, Jordi Canals, Jordi Tosas, and Peter Habeler. Accomplished mountain athlete (and Jornet’s wife) Emilie Forsberg is also featured in the film. Screening dates have been announced in Europe, but none in North America yet. “Path to Everest” will be released in full and for sale on December 12. Watch this trailer to get inspired: 

With Path to Everest we come to the end of Summits of My Life. It’s been a thrilling project which has opened doors to new projects and dreams for the future. I have learnt much along the way, climbing mountains that I’ve dreamed about since I was a child and meeting amazing people from all around the world. I’m delighted to be able to share these moments with whoever watches the film.” – Kilian Jornet

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