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WATCH: Kilian Jornet races a base jumper

"You're a fucking maniac," says the base jumper to Jornet mid-climb

It might be Kilian’s most outrageous stunt yet–racing a base jumper in a wingsuit up and down a mountain in western Norway. Jornet and the Norwegian base jumper, Tom Erik Heimen, complement each other nicely: Jornet is much faster running up mountains, but Heimen would obviously have the advantage on the descent, given that he flies at speeds of up to 220 kph rather than running. Who would you put your money on?

The challenge took place on Romsdalshorn, one of the iconic peaks in Rauma municipality, 10K southeast of Ã…ndalsnes. Both are very experienced on this peak (Jornet lives nearby with his partner, the Swedish ultrarunner Emelie Forsberg and their daughter, Maj), and Heimen grew up in the area.

From the description on the YouTube page: “Kilian climbed up the north face (400m climbing grade IV) and downclimbed the Halls Renne (450m grade III) while Tom Erik climbed up Halls Renne and flew over the north face, meaning that at some point on their route they crossed each other.” We see this moment, when Jornet is on his way down (carrying nothing but a GoPro) and Heimen is still going up, carrying his wingsuit and parachute. “You’re a fucking maniac,” says the base jumper admiringly.

The challenge, which sees Jornet climbing without gear, is extremely dangerous, and all the more so considering the two men are racing.

It might surprise you to see who makes it to the bottom first.

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