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WATCH: Nike’s sub-4 to Western States-100 athlete

Watch Nike trail runner Matt Daniels in the film Sub-4 to States about his record breaking year on and off the trails

“Not all Nike athletes are dirty.” According to Nike Trail athlete Matt Daniels, we don’t need to associate Alberto Salazar and Nike. Two days ago when the Nike Oregon Project’s head coach Salazar was banned for doping violations, Daniels tweeted that he felt as though his childhood dream of running as a Nike athlete had been crushed. With the support of Nike, Daniel has made a name for himself and become one of the top trail endurance runners in North America. The company is bigger than those “who ruin it for the ones doing it right.”

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Doping sanctions aside, Daniels is one of 1,400 people in the world who has ever run below a four-minute mile. He then went on to race the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run (WSER). If that wasn’t enough, Daniels crossed the finish line in 15:21:36, an hour and 12-minutes behind Jim Walmsley’s record.

In his 100-mile debut, Daniels placed fourth at WSER in a record-breaking year. So what happens when a sub-4 minute-mile athlete takes on the oldest and most prestigious 100-mile trail race in the world? Watch Rob Steger’s filmĀ Sub-4 to StatesĀ to find out:

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