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WATCH: “Records are made to be broken”

Emelie Forsberg wants to inspire more women to break records in the mountains

The best athletes know their ‘why.’ For Swedish athlete Emelie Forsberg, one of those reasons is to see more women out in the mountains taking on challenges. The Suunto video 4 in a Row highlights four prestigious mountain records broken by Forsberg in 2018: 

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Galdhøpiggen: 12.3K, 1,459m in 1:45:40 on April 27 (set the FKT on Norway’s highest peak)
Mont Blanc: 30K, 4,810m in 7:53:12 on June 21 (set the FKT)
Monte Rosa: 35K, 3,500m in 5:03:56 on June 23 (breaking 1994 record in a formal race with her partner Kilian Jornet)
Kungsleden: 450K in four days, 21 hours on July 6 (breaking previous male record of six days)

Forsberg may be about to give birth to a future mountaineer, but she hasn’t stopped inspiring the world with her pursuits. For Forsberg, it’s not just about the records. The professional mountain athlete explains her passion for encouraging others to explore the outdoors. She wants to inspire more women to go out and and break those records. The idea of more women pushing limits of the mind and body excites her, since “records are made to be broken.” 

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