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WATCH: Rich Roll asks Amelia Boone about life and her recovery

OCR turned ultra-trail runner Amelia Boone reflects on her eating disorder journey and speaks openly with Rich Roll

On episode 475 of the Rich Roll Podcast, OCR turned ultra-trail runner Amelia Boone reflects on her journey after opening up to the public about her eating disorder. Titled Amelia Boone is a human being (and still a badass), Roll sparks conversation that highlights Boone’s athletic and career success juxtaposed with the realities of internal struggle. The two share openly about eating disorders, Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S), and the complexities of healing in today’s world.

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The episode was recorded in July, and since then Boone has raced Spartan World Championships in Tahoe and 180K (112 miles) at Big’s Backyard Ultra. Although recovery is never linear, Boone is honest and real about the ups and downs of her experiences. Boone is transparent about what an eating disorder means to her, while making distinctions between the disorder, disordered eating, and body images issues.

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