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WATCH: The King of Leadville returns

2-time champion Anton Krupicka will be running the 'race across the sky' after a comeback last year

Anton Kupricka ultrarunner

If you haven’t heard of the Leadville 100 Endurance Run, it’s time. The legendary 100-mile race, first held in 1983, says their goal has remained the same since that first starting line: to make a difference in the local community and across the world.

We have some suggestions as to who you might want to keep an eye on out there, but first, bring on the hype by watching Billy Yang’s short film about ultrarunning icon Anton Krupicka, who will be racing on Aug. 20.

In 2006, the then-23-year-old surprised the ultrarunning world (and himself, it seems) with a win in his first 100-mile race, in 17:01:56, an hour ahead of second-place.

Anton Kupricka mountain running
Photo: Instagram/Anton Kupricka

That win put Krupicka on the map, and he became an instant fan favourite with his bohemian look and lifestyle. While he was beset with injuries for years, Krupicka returned in 2021 and took third place, finishing only six minutes slower than he did 15 years earlier, in 17:07:55.

“To everyone out there,” Krupicka says,“I’m the barefoot, shirtless guy who runs in the mountains.”  “But how weird would that be if I was still that person 10 to 15 years later?”

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