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WATCH: Ultrarunner Jeanelle Hazlett’s double Everesting challenge

A new mini-documentary follows Hazlett's attempt to cover twice the elevation of Mount Everest in one week

Photo by: Brice Ferre

A new short documentary has been released by Vancouver-based photographer Brice Ferre covering Canadian ultrarunner Jeanelle Hazlett‘s week-long challenge in May, in which she ran twice the total elevation of the 8,848m-tall Mount Everest. Hazlett covered 203K with 17,769m of climbing in five days as part of Run Steep Get High‘s Limitless Vertical Challenge. In the film, Hazlett admits that not only had she never attempted doubling the elevation of Everest in a single week, but that she hadn’t even matched the mountain’s height once in a seven-day span, but that didn’t stop her from tackling the challenge. 

Hazlett’s running bio

Hazlett lives and trains in North Vancouver, and she has had a lot of success in ultramarathons and trail races over the past few years. In 2019, she won the Squamish 50-mile ultramarathon in B.C., and not even two weeks later, she went after the women’s fastest known time (FKT) up and back down Mount Brunswick, a 1,788m mountain between Vancouver and Squamish. Later in the year, she represented Canada at the World Mountain Running Championships in Argentina, where she finished in 41st place in the women’s 41.5K race. Hazlett only took up trail running a few years ago, but she already has multiple race wins and podium results to her name, and she isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. 

Jeanelle Hazlett. Photo: Brice Ferre

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The Limitless Vertical Challenge

Hazlett had a busy few days as she attempted to climb double the elevation of Mount Everest. As viewers see in the film, she started her week of running with a more than 70K day, with 3,936m of elevation after going up and down the Seventh Secret (a route that makes for a round trip of 10K to 11K in North Vancouver) seven times. She also completed seven laps of Grouse Mountain for 6,156m of elevation, and many more repeats of various climbs around North Vancouver.

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“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment” @runsteepgethigh Limitless Vert week, a week of nonsensical repetition of multiple things that lead to one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment I’ve yet to experience…⠀ • 2 Elk Mountain Repeats (1600m) ⠀ • 3 Giant’s Head Repeats (1417m)⠀ • 7 Grouse Mountains (6156m) ⠀ • 7 Seventh Secret Repeats (3936m)⠀ • 40 Home Hill repeats (1026m)⠀ • 40 Cleveland Dam Stair Repeats (3603m) ⠀ All this for a lovely 203.3kms | 17,769m | completed in 41 hours and 41 minutes over 5 days and 2 hours… a week not possible without the incredible support of our amazing trail community, both locally and globally! Especially in light of current events, this week was really special as it proved just how Limitless we are when we rally together!! Congrats to my incredible athletes, friends, trail mates on all your accomplishments!!! Massive thanks to everyone who helped me raise $3075 for @foodbankscanada , far beyond what I dreamed of!! Don’t ever forget, WE are Limitless – especially when we stand together, support one another and rise each other up!! We will get through this- together! Happy Trails! pc: @troynoah #WEarelimitless #runsteepgethigh #IAmLimitless #madness #togetherevenwhenapart #limitlessvertweek #allthethings ⠀ ⠀

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She ultimately accomplished her goal and reached 17,769m of elevation after spending 41 hours and 41 minutes running during a five-day stretch. Hazlett used the challenge as an opportunity to fundraise for Food Banks Canada, raising more than $3,000 by the end of the week. Check out the full video to see just how hard the week of running was.

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