Weekend wrap up: all the results

Top results from Swiss Peaks, Transalpine, Finlayson Arm, Haliburton Forest, Mount Robson, Lost Souls, and Tackle the Toad trail races

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It’s the time of year where the alpine is lit and trail and ultrarunners are making the most of the conditions. Last week and weekend, Canadians dominated some tough trail races from 5K to 360K in Europe and across the country. Check out top results from Canadian trail runners below.

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It’s now time to reflect, rest and celebrate after the 2019 @transalpine_run has come to an exciting end. Each runner will have a unique experience, different stories and emotions. We hope you’re celebrating all the way back to when you first signed up. All the hard work and time you put into your training as well as during the event! Every single journey is filled with accomplishments and life lessons that are true to you and your teammate. On behalf of the entire @planb_event_company family – we are grateful for your support and proud of you!!!! “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”❤️ #tar2019 #grateful #thankyou #celebrate #seeyounextyear @gorewear @salomonrunning @suunto 📸: Andi Frank

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Swiss Peaks Trail 360K, 170K, 90K, 35K, and half-marathon

Yes, you are reading those distances correctly. Canadians spent some time running through the Swiss Alps for the 360K, 170K, and marathon distances September 1 through 8. The provisional results are below.

Jeff Pelletier (19th overall in 113:25:18)

Eric Côté (73rd overall in 51:19:57)

Aaron Plue (133rd overall in 6:35:00)


August 31 to September 7, some Canadian teams of two tackled the 15th annual 7-day Transalpine Run beginning in Oberstorf, Germany and running through Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

Janine Taylor and Patricia Patton
Rene Unser and Carrie Karsgaard
Penny Jakobsen and Ann Taylor

Clint Sword and Jason Sarouhan
Chris Ford and Kevin Matrosovs
Hozumi Nakai and Jeremy Peters

Kristin Burris and James Burris
Todd Savard and Adrienne Dunbar
Leon Vandenhoven and Judy Carter

Ultra-Trail Harricana

As part of the Ultra-Trail World Tour, the Ultra-Trail Harricana happened in La Malbaie, Que last weekend with distances ranging from a 1K kid’s race to 125K.

5K women
Amelie Gauthier – 30:11
Beatrice Gauthier – 31:11
Charlyne Morrier – 31:35

5K men
Andres Olvera – 23:21
Simon Pierre Leblanc – 23:24
Sasha Beugnot – 29:25

10K women
Amelie Simard – 53:46
Emmanuelle Sevigny – 55:08
Kellyanne Lahaie – 57:22

10K men
Francois Major – 49:10
Jean Francois Dufour – 50:32
Jonathan Watters – 50:56

28K women
Melanie Side – 2:38:39
Isabelle Simard – 2:42:26
Nadia Morin – 2:43:30

28K men
Philippe Brochu – 2:10:27.2
Charlot Laporte – 2:10:27.3
Samuel Audet – 2:15:41

42K women
Amelie Gobeil Riverin – 4:30:32
Catherine Cormier – 4:37:22
Lou Gotz – 4:47:00

42K men
Remi Poitras – 3:37:03
Eric Levesque – 3:42:32
Maxime Legace – 4:07:02

65K women
Elizabeth Cauchon – 6:49:34
Tiphaine Germain – 6:51:38
Corinne Lemay-Gaudet – 7:24:16

65K men
Olivier Collin – 5:29:13
Jean-Francois Cauchon – 5:41:08
Gabriel Sanfacon – 6:04:00

125K women
Emily Hawgood – 17:53:55
Annie-Claude Vaillancourt – 20:47:35
Marie-Josee Hotte – 21:02:50

125K men
Guillaume Barry – 13:55:41
Aurelien Collet – 14:21:51
Johan Trimaille – 14:23:54


Finlayson Arm 100K, 50K, 28K

The Finlayson Arm trail and ultrarunning party went down Friday September 6 to Sunday September 8 in Goldstream Provincial Park, Victoria, BC. If you’re looking for a 100K that runs like a 100 miler, a 50K that runs like a 100K, and a 28K that fees like a 50K, then you need to check out the Finlayson Arm races. Although the 100K course record for both women and was not broken, Katrina Bencsics won the race overall.

100K women
Katrina Bencsics – 18:39:01 (first overall)
Meredith Kennedy – 22:22:40

100K men
Jeffrey Mottle – 20:11:41
Kyle Cook – 20:20:49
Adam Poulton – 20:47:27

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The 50K women’s course record still stands from Darbykai Standrick’s 2018 performance in 6:17:09, but Andrew Russell beat Mike Sidic’s, record and won overall this year. Russell also has the 28K course record from 2018.

50K women
Meaghan O’Brien – 7:15:25
Gillian Clayton – 7:44:07
Christine Almond – 8:19:58

50K men
Andrew Russell – 5:34:51 (new course record.)
Joedy Dalke – 6:25:58
Kieran Baird – 6:26:56

28K women
Julie Desramaux – 3:24:46
Kaitlin Nelson – 3:28:02
Lindsay Cristante – 3:29:28

28K men
Robert Brunelle – 3:01:39
Eric White – 3:01:57
Robert Johnson – 3:09:42

Haliburton Forest Trail

It was the 27th annual Haliburton Forest Trail race in Haliburton, Ont. Runners chose from 12K, 26K, 50K, 50 mile, and 100 mile trail race distances.

12K women
Marcy Adzich – 1:13:43
Teri Dittmann – 1:14:10
Danika Winkel – 1:18:44

12K men
Andrew James – 1:00:41
Charles Mallalieu – 1:09:23
Joel Hardwick – 1:10:47

26K women
Jessamyn Flynn – 2:39:44
Troy Farlow – 3:00:03
Cora Yin – 3:00:33

26K men
John McAlister – 2:29:50
Chris Phair – 2:31:51
Jack Kilislian – 2:39:24

50K women
Kasey Baynton – 4:43:53 (second overall)
Rebecca Baldwin – 5:47:56
Erin Ingoldsby – 5:51:30

50K men
Greg Pigeon – 4:00:28
Herve Mallet – 4:47:44
Casey Morris – 5:06:43

50 mile women
Anne Genest – 8:57:20 (third overall)
Lesa Snider – 9:54:24
Leanne Haynes – 10:31:06

50 mile men
Danny Tresise – 7:24:09
Peter Hinhara – 8:22:28
Joan Roch – 8:57:20

100 mile women
Emily Rudow – 22:50:21 (third overall)
Anna Jones – 26:00:07
Jennifer Payne – 27:51:17

100 mile men
Kip Arlidge – 15:36:33
Adam Koppany – 19:05:36
Pierre-luc Dery – 23:39:55

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A runner crosses the Kinney Lake flats, which are a part of the Ultra and Half Marathon courses in last weekend's race. Check out the full photo album by @boosted_imagery on our Facebook page. . . . @tourismvalemount @yourbcparks @bestwesternvalemount @totemskishop @cafemountrobson @robsonhelimagic @threerangesbrewing #caribougrill #valemounthomehardware #valemountswissbakery #quartzcontracting @wildmountainjasper @lolejasper Vern and Dianne Mickelson @skylinehousevalemount #infinityofficeandhealth @whispercreekcabinrental #mountrobsonwhitewater #mountrobsonlodge @runningroom #explorevalemount #tourismvalemount #marathon #marathontraining #bucketlist #getoutside #running #bcparks #mountrobson #kinneylake #berglaketrail #bcisbeautiful #destinationbc #hellobc #explorebc #robsonvalleyregion

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Mount Robson Marathon

The 50K ultra, half marathon, 12K, or 5K trail run on the Berg Lake trail is so stunning, you’ll forget you’re racing.

50K women
Kaley Cochrane – 4:27:08
Joanna Brewer – 4:35:33
Hayley Nhan – 4:41:44

50K men
Francois Dagenais Cote – 4:00:26
Conor Furey – 4:15:18
Martin Labuda – 4:21:09

Half-Marathon women
Lindsay Van Der Meer – 1:40:40
Marie Jones – 1:42:13
Selena Goldin – 1:42:30

Half-Marathon men
Marian Treger – 1:22:42
Jim Van Bakel – 1:22:47
Cam McNamara – 1:28:35

12K women
Stephanie Babwik – 1:17:21
Kayla Price – 1:17:49
Heather George – 1:18:01

12K men
Sebastian Stinski – 00:53:50
Shawn Lywood – 00:53:55
Ben O’Rourke – 00:54:26

5K women
Em Johnson – 00:30:28 (third overall)
Julianne Jonas – 00:32:03
Stacey Green – 00:33:25

5K men
Mike Birks – 00:25:41
Steve Kotyk – 00:28:48
Felix-Olivier Lahaie – 00:31:36

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The Focused soul. ——————————————————————— For those of us on the outside of these performances it is hard to imagine, let alone, empathize with how a mind can bring a person to execute with such focus and determination. We can only enjoy the display of unity between the mind and body and sit in wonder. As I headed out to Lethbridge on Friday after work, @laurajcampbell was sending updates which left me wondering “will I actually be able to keep pace, let alone set the pace for him?” I jumped in as soon as I arrived for just over an hour and then, after sleeping, stayed with him for the final 37km to the finish. @purcelloutdoors composure and determination was something special to say the least. Nothing like this is accomplished without everyone on the team executing their roles and witnessing the persistent and selfless crewing of @kootenayapple and @mnomi1 was awesome, each going with little or no sleep for the full 29+ hours. Congratulations on your first place overall at the 200km #lostsoulultra dude! ———————————————————————— #inawe #luckypacer #ultrarunner #trailrunner #trailrunning #ultrarunning #lethbridge @runnersoulleth @badcoffeecanada @altrarunning @ultrarunningmag @canadiantrailrunning

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Lost Soul Ultra

September 6 to 7 saw the Lost Soul 200K, 100 mile, 100K, and 50K races in Lethbridge, Alta.

200K women
Anna Duda – 34:54:19

200K men
Patrick Humenny – 29:36:08
Martin Coulombe – 33:37:57
Philippe Legace – 33:37:57

100 mile women
Brenda Dryer – 25:15:30 (third overall)
Karen Johansen – 27:16:07
Susan Sosick – 29:06:49

100 mile men
Jerry Hughes – 20:57:29
Paul Duperreault – 24:36:01
Scott Rogers – 25:35:59

100K women
Svenja Espenhahn (second overall)
Heather Tuckova – 12:01
Sarah Seads – 13:00:56

100K men
Stefan Schreiber – 10:07
Devin Featherstone – 10:59
Joda Hamilton – 12:26:20

50K women
Ashley Tremblay – 6:12:20
Felicia Lloyd – 6:27:23
Sarah Yavitu – 6:40:58

50K men
Michael Moore – 5:11:41
Carl Pryce – 5:31:20
Chad Sisulak – 5:41:51

Tackle the Toad

Erin Donnelly in the 50K race just 7 months after giving birth. Photo: Dave Stevens

Nelson’s first Tackle the Toad trail and ultrarunning race was held Sunday September 8 at Morning Mountain. It was Nelson, BC’s first ultra mountain running race, and the West Kootenays delivered. The inaugural race showcased some of the province’s most rugged trails, while talented runners tackled the technical terrain.

50K women
Jazmine Lowther – 6:01:20 (third overall)
Amanda Sin – 6:24:05
Jacklyn Dexter – 6:44:53

50K men
Patrick McIlroy – 5:17:35
Thomas Dodsworth – 5:53:45
Hugh Beedell – 6:07:00

25K women
Allison Dick – 2:23:40 (second overall)
Kim Hemstreet – 2:26:52
Jenny Schaub – 2:28:31

25K men
Steven Kaup – 2:22:59
Zachary Robert – 2:23:40
Jared Strand – 2:26:14

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