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Our Waterstop 101 video was a huge hit with volunteers, so we decided to expand the training video series to help runners meet their goals.

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Some runners sign up for road races without any guidance or experience on what to do when running with thousands of people. This can cause problems for everyone on the road, which inspired the Running Etiquette Academy video we just released:

Many runners like to train on the course before race-day but that’s not always an option for everyone. We decided to create route videos to help runners who are not familiar with the course or who don’t live in the area. Now, everyone can better visualize the course.

A huge props goes out to my friends who volunteered during a hot summer day to make these videos. This was especially challenging for “the gingers” who are prone to sunburn and had to be slathered in sunscreen multiple times. These videos wouldn’t have been possible without the creative genius and skillful editing of running enthusiasts Mike Kennedy and Dave Culligan. I am grateful to be surrounded by talented runners who are passionate about improving road racing and enthusiastic about helping Maritime Race Weekend.


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