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Top results from the 2018 U Sports Track Championships

Individual medallists for all track events from the 2018 Canadian university track and field championships

2018 U Sports Track Championships


The 2018 U Sports Track and Field Championships – nationals for Canadian university athletes in other words – concluded Saturday in Windsor, Ont.

The University of Guelph swept both the men’s and women’s overall team titles with the most points based on individual disciplines over the course of the three-day event at the Dennis Fairall Fieldhouse in southern Ontario. The event marked the conclusion of the university season as there are no outdoor championships contested exclusively by varsity athletes in Canada.

Notable performances include Regan Yee’s (TWU) double gold in the women’s 1,500m and 3,000m, defeating 2017 U Sports cross-country champion Sasha Gollish in the latter event. A national university record fell in the men’s 300m as Alberta’s Austin Cole clocked 33.37 on route to being awarded co-winner (along with Thomas Land of Guelph) male athlete of the meet. Kelsey Balkwill, competing for the host university, won the female athlete of the meet after earning double-gold in the 300m and 600m.

All results from USports.ca

Women’s 60m

Shyvonne Roxborough, Guelph: 7.40
Tegan Turner, Manitoba: 7.46
Tegan Sauer, Waterloo: 7.48

Men’s 60m

Matthew Coolen, Dalhousie: 6.84
Alexander Lau, Toronto: 6.85
Marcel Dufault, Manitoba: 6.88

Women’s 300 Metres

Kelsey Balkwill, Windsor: 38.46
Tessa Hamilton, Guelph: 38.88
Caroline Stricelj, Western: 39.20

Men’s 300 Metres

Austin Cole, Alberta: 33.37 (U SPORTS record)
Brandon Smith-Drouin, Sherbrook: 34.37
Graeme Thompson, Guelph: 34.41

Women’s 600 Metre Run

Kelsey Balkwill, Windsor: 1:29.37
Maite Bouchard, Sherbrooke: 1:29.55
Julianne Labach, Saskatchewan: 1:29.81

Men’s 600 Metre Run

Thomas Land, Guelph: 1:19.41
Stephen Evans, Ottawa: 1:19.50
Vincent Duguay, Laval: 1:19.75

Women’s 1000 Metres

Julianne Labach, Saskatchewan: 2:43.96
Lucia Stafford, Toronto: 2:44.39
Madeleine Kelly, Toronto: 2:46.59

Men’s 1000 Metres

Thomas Land, Guelph: 2:27.98
Nicolas Morin, Laval: 2:28.10
Andrew LeBlanc, Guelph: 2:28.66

Women’s 1500 Metre Run

Regan Yee, Trinity Western: 4:24.92
Lucia Stafford, Toronto: 4:25.69
Aurelie Dube-Lavoie, Laval: 4:25.87

Men’s 1500 Metre Run

Thomas Oxland, Victoria: 3:54.90
Royden Radowitz, Alberta: 3:55.05
Mostafa Elkurdy, Guelph: 3:55.74

Women’s 3000 Metre

Regan Yee, Trinity Western: 9:08.99
Sasha Gollish, Toronto: 9:12.53
Courtney Hufsmith, Saskatchewan: 9:17.02

Men’s 3000 Metre

Angus Rawling, St. Francis Xavier: 8:18.11
Sergio Raez-Villanueva, McMaster: 8:19.10
Royden Radowits, Alberta: 8:20.93

Women’s 4x200m Relay

Guelph: 1:37.97
Windsor: 1:38.24
Alberta: 1:38.29

Men’s 4x200m Relay

Alberta: 1:27.35
Toronto: 1:28.11
Guelph: 1:28.65

Women’s 4x400m Relay

Windsor: 3:42.88
Guelph: 3:43.57
York: 3:46.82

Men’s 4x400m Relay

Alberta: 3:17.46
Toronto: 3:18.06
Manitoba: 3:19.03

Women’s 4×800 Metre Relay

Toronto: 8:43.93
Guelph: 8:49.39
Laval: 8:52.64

Men’s 4×800 Metre Relay

Guelph: 7:35.65
Victoria: 7:35.68
Trinity Western: 7:38.05

Women’s 60 Metre Hurdles

Sarah Hammond, Guelph: 8.20
Kendra Leger, Guelph: 8.30
Katelyn Lehner, Saskatchewan: 8.305

Men’s 60 Metre Hurdles

Kayden Johnson, York: 7.97
Locky Butcher, Western: 8.11
Anthony Kwan, Toronto: 8.20

Men’s Heptathlon

Kieran Johnston, Saskatchewan: 5259
Mark Emode, Guelph: 5071
Peter Nsaka-Malonge, Laval: 4976

Women’s Pentathlon

Amelie Auge, Sherbrooke: 3803
Maude Leville, Sherbrooke: 3801
Genevieve Gagne, Laval: 3692


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