Aussie runner to kick off race for marathon record

An Australian man is gunning for American Larry Macon's record of 139 marathons in one year.

American Larry Macon won’t have time to bask in the glory of breaking the record for most marathons in a year. One Australian man is already aiming to run more than Macon’s 139 marathons in 2013.

Trent Morrow, 39, has been training using some pretty high-tech equipment in the hope of breaking the world record for most marathons run in a year. He’ll have to run quite a bit to break Macon’s record, and he’s already started with a plan to run seven marathons in a week starting Jan. 1.

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But breaking it won’t be easy. Not only are the physical and mental challenges enough, but there are also logistical issues around finding and running that many races.

Morrow is training at the Australian Institute for Sport, training on a special treadmill and undergoing V02 max testing. He’s also doing it wearing a superhero “Marathon Man” costume, and says he plans to run as many of his marathons as possible wearing the suit.

He has already run 78 marathons, many of them in the suit while he raises funds for cancer charities, according to the Canberra Times. His marathon PB is 3:56, but he says he’s not planning to break any speed records during his year of running marathons.