Badwater 135 to return to original route

Badwater 135

Badwater 135

After a year that saw one of the world’s toughest ultramarathons change it route to avoid its namesake, the Badwater 135 will return to Death Valley National Park, where it will run through the Badwater Basin, one of the hottest regions on earth.

New rules put in place by the park authorities this year suggested that the Badwater race may not again be permitted in the California park. Authorities  were worried that the dangerously high temperatures put visitors and competitors in endurance and sporting events at risk and the practice was banned.

The race in 2015 will begin shortly after sunset, meaning, by the hottest time of day, competitors will have passed the most gruelling areas of the Badwater Basin or may be completely out of the park, avoiding the dangerous temperatures the regulations were put in place to avoid. The race has historically started in the morning.

The race will still be limited to 100 competitors like in past years, though runners will not be limited to the number of crew members they are allowed.