Biggest tutu race in the world adds half-marathon for 2016

Sole Sisters
Photo: Caitlin Patterson

The fourth annual Sole Sisters Women’s Race ran on Saturday with 3,250 women showing up to run the “largest tutu race in the world.” At the end of the event, race directors made an announcement: next year’s race will feature a 10.5K race and half-marathon.

That makes it the first ever women’s only half-marathon in Atlantic Canada. Those who run the event say it will afford more newbie female runners an opportunity to choose this women’s only race as their goal race. It is scheduled to run in October.

“The October 2 event will open us up to even more new, female runners and give our Sole Sisters the chance to keep up their fitness and training past June 11, 2016,” says Stacy Chesnutt, founder and director of the race.

The race takes place at Burnside, Nova Scotia. This year they had quite the turnout. “Sole Sisters recognizes that women come in all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities – in fact, 24 race participants this year were 70 years of age and older,” says Chesnutt.

The event looks like it is only increasing in popularity as this year it sold out. That makes the new additions for next year all the more exciting for east coast women who run.