Calgary Marathon keeps 50K ultra

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2014 Calgary Marathon Photo: Brendan Cleary
2014 Calgary Marathon Photo: Brendan Cleary

In 2014, the Calgary Marathon added a 50K race to the schedule for the weekend. It was intended to only be held a single year, marking the 50th anniversary of the marathon, but it turned out to be so popular organizers have decided to hold the event again.

Most of the ultramarathon distance will be the same in 2015. The course and qualification system will be the same, but a difference will be a switch to medals from beer steins for finishers.

The 50K road ultramarathon is a great way for newcomers to the distance to try it in an environment similar to they’re used to. It’s on the roads, held alongside a regular marathon and isn’t so far that confident marathoners can’t run the distance.

Last year there were only 500 spaces for runners in the 50K, which sold out by Jan. 1, so if you’re interested in trying yourself at an ultra, look in into registering early.