Caribou Legs to run 200K across Great Slave Lake

Ultrarunner Brad Firth, who is known by the name "Caribou Legs," will attempt to run 200K across Great Slake Lake in the Northwest Territories.

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Caribou Legs
Photo via Caribou Legs on Facebook.

Months after finishing a cross-Canada run, Brad Firth, an ultrarunner known as “Caribou Legs,” is set to run across the second-largest lake in the Northwest Territories. Firth plans to run the 200K over the span of five days, which requires averaging approximately a marathon per day.

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The Gwich’in ultrarunner was slated to begin the run on Saturday departing from Hay River, N.W.T. The plan is to run north on the ice to Yellowknife and arrive on March 9, where, according to CBC North, he will attend “several events including showcasing a documentary about his cross-Canada run and raising money for the Yellowknife women’s shelter.” The CBC adds that a small group of Canadian Rangers will accompany Firth on snowmobiles and set a suitable path among the snowdrifts. Conditions are expected to be bone-chilling as forecasts call for daily highs of -25 C in Yellowknife with lows dipping to -36 C with the windchill.

Firth completed a cross-country run in late November in an effort to bring awareness to Canada’s missing and murdered Indigenous women. He decided to run 7,400 kilometres across Canada, beginning in British Columbia on Mother’s Day in 2016, after he says his sister Irene Korte died as a result ofdomestic violence.” CBC News reported in December that he is being sued for defamation as a coroner’s report says Korte’s “manner of death” was “accidental.”

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Firth, who is known for running with war paint on his face, will be wearing a caribou parka and boots, which he posted to Facebook on Saturday morning.

Great Slave Lake is the deepest lake in North America and ranks as the 10th-largest lake in the world. The surface is generally frozen until mid- to late-June.