Japanese runner’s “fail”? Not quite

A video of a Japanese runner taking a wrong turn at the end of an ekiden relay has gone viral, but it's not quite the "fail" that many observers are declaring, nor that unusual.

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This video of Japanese runner Natsuki Terada taking a wrong turn at the end of the Tokyo-Hakone ekiden relay marathon has gone viral, with many posters calling Terada a fool for his wayward jaunt. One news commentator said of this: “I’ve never heard of that happening,” but there have been many examples of runners veering off-course in races. 

Here’s another example.

And this one at the Georgia Marathon, where the leader was sent off-course when he followed the lead motorcycle:

The most famous of all wrong-turners has to be Mexico’s German Silva in the 1994 New York City Marathon:

Note that Terada recovered enough to finish 10th overall in the relays, securing a berth for his team in next year’s race – so not quite the “fail” that many video links are calling it.