Man to run London Marathon four times with fridge

A man who ran 1,400K in 40 days carrying a 42 kg refrigerator is now planning to run the London Marathon four times in 24 hours with the same fridge strapped to his back.

Tony “the Fridge” Phoenix-Morrison from Hebburn, United Kingdom, is a charity runner who runs long distances carrying the fridge to raise money for charities. This run will see him raise money for Cancer Research UK, an organization that funds cancer research.

“This record attempt will be my final near impossible journey, which I hope will inspire people in their battles with cancer and encourage people to keep moving forward,” said Phoenix-Morrison in a press release. “No matter what pain I go through I will get to the end of this as my pledge to help beat cancer.”

After running the London Marathon with the other runners, Phoenix-Morrison will continue and  run the loop three additional times. He hopes to finish within 24 hours.

In August of 2013, Phoenix-Morrison ran from John O’Groats at the northern tip of Scotland to Land’s End at the south-western tip of England, a 1,400K trip. He was hospitalized after the trip with spinal injuries and a fractured femur. That run was in support of the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, a different cancer research charity.