Man runs 139 marathons in 2012, breaks his own record

67-year-old Larry Macon has set the record five years in a row.

Larry Macon has ran a lot of marathons. In fact, in 2012 alone, the resident of San Antonio popped off 139 marathons as of last Wednesday, when he ran the 12-12-12 Marathon in Sarasota, Florida.

Macon destroyed the previous record, which he set in 2011. In fact, he’s set and broken his own record five times now. His previous highest annual count was 113 races of 42.2K or longer.

Macon often doubles (or triples) up on the weekend. The 12-12-12 run wasn’t just odd because it was held mid-week, it was also ran on a tiny pedestrian walkway. Macon and a handful of other runners ran 58.72 laps in order to hit 42.2K.

The 67-year-old keeps track of his marathon count on a site that is not surprisingly called Marathon Maniacs. According to the site, Macon has now ran 643 marathons.