Man runs intricate route to create a Movember portrait

A San Francisco man brought awareness to Movember in a unique way creating a running route that mimics a mustached man wearing a monocle.

The route has been named Sir Runningsworth.

Movember Map
November has become synonymous with Movember, an annual event where individuals grow mustaches and beards to raise awareness for men’s health and testicular cancer.

In addition to growing a mustache, San Francisco resident David Miller decided to get a little more creative in drawing attention to the Movember cause.

Miller, 29, ran 24.3 kilometres to complete the portrait of a man with a mustache and a monocle.

Last Tuesday’s Movember stunt wasn’t the first time Miller has experimented with Strava portraits in San Francisco, noting the city is his etch-a-sketch.

When the Strava office in San Francisco was hiring, Miller thought he would throw in some subliminal messaging in hopes that his application would land him a job with the athletic-tracking company.

Hire Me
As the trend suggests, San Francisco has an odd tendency of attracting some of Strava’s most extravagant training routes, mapped out by runners with an artistic side.

Chris Phipps completed a route in the form of a San Francisco Giants logo, a professional baseball franchise.

SF Giants
Another Strava user, Bret Lobree, made his Strava route Thanksgiving-themed.

Strava Turkey