MEC launches low-cost running series

MEC launches a series of 5K and 10K races that won't cost you more $15 to enter.

Mountain Equipment Co-op is launching its inaugural running series with its first races set for Saturday and Sunday across the country. And you won’t have to pay more than $15 to enter.

The first races — a mix of 5K and 10K options — take place in various locations across Canada this weekend, including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Information is available at

MEC is planning 40 races across the country, targetting runners of all levels, from beginners to veterans. “We also want to provide a medium for participating in the sport with events that are approachable, and inexpensive,” says John Irvine, MEC’s Sports Marketing Manager. “Events are designed as such, without the swag or mementos, so that we can ensure that cost of entry is not a barrier to participating.”

The first events are priced at $10-$15.

Starting in May, MEC is also planning to offer weekly runs from its stores, offering runners a chance to meet other like-minded individuals and receive some tips.