New Balance to get into wearable tech market in 2016

Runner training and using stopwatch with heart rate monitor

New Balance has just announced that in 2016, they will be taking part of the digital and wearable market.

As part of what the brand is called New Balance Digital Sport, the company is going to be motivating runners by providing them with the technology they need to enhance their runs. The first will be a smartwatch which will be retailing during the 2016 holiday season. It will be designed to track runners’ routes and allow them to listen to music without having to bring their phones along.

“Our new Digital Sport division represents our newest commitment to invest in athletes and runners around the world,” said Rob DeMartini, President and CEO of New Balance.“Digital technology has truly revolutionized, very quickly, this industry and New Balance wants to continue to be a brand on the forefront, arming our athletes with the cutting-edge products that will help them reach peak performance.”

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While the watch will be the first of their line of tech products, New Balance is also going to be putting embedded technology on the market following the launch of their watch. That will feature microchips in their footwear and apparel which will track stats for runners.

The final part of New Balance Digital Sport is the beginning of their own run club which will launch in Boulder, Colorado early this year. Powered by Strava, the run club will bring fans of the brand together for group runs starting at New Balance locations. In addition, it will have runners participate in virtual challenges and workouts.