Pan Am Games: Spectator Dos and Do Nots

cheeringAnd you thought being an athlete was tough!

According to the ‘conditions of entry to a venue‘ you’ll have a few more things to consider before spectating at the upcoming Pan Am Games.

First of all, you should expect to fulfill some typical requirements such as possessing a valid ticket, going through a security checkpoint and cooperating with event staff.

In addition to some items you already expect to be prohibited —sorry, no firearms, knives, illicit narcotics or explosives— you’ll also want to leave the canoes, kayaks and beach balls at home.

Avoid wearing any gang colours, full face masks or oversized costumes (what’s the normal size again?). Trumpets, air horns and thunder sticks are not welcome (no word regarding vuvuzelas though). Likewise, hockey sticks, baseball bats and billiard cues are best left at home as are glass bottles, golf umbrellas and bicycles. Fido, Whiskers and Slytherin the snake (i.e. pets) are also unwelcome at the games.

Flags of non-participating countries are also not allowed so please leave the European, Asian and African flags at home (they won’t fair very well anyway). If you’re not yet familiar with the participating countries and their respective flags, you can play this fun flag matching game to prepare.

Perhaps not surprisingly, smoking of any kind is strictly prohibited as is ambush marketing, fighting and public drunkenness.

Finally, you can’t broadcast, record or transmit any event taking place within a venue (I guess that means no Periscope); utilize flash photography; or use unauthorized radio frequency devices.

In all seriousness though, for the sake of safety and for the enjoyment of yourself and others, please follow the rules and regulations.

The Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games run July 11-26th and the Parapan Am Games are August 7-15th.