Peachtree 10K sees heartbreaking finish

The Atlanta Track Club’s Peachtree 10K, the largest 10K in the world, saw a heartbreaking finish for lead athlete Ben Payne, whose actions serve a reminder to all runners to never celebrate a win before you cross the finish line.

Payne, an American runner, was just feet away from winning the famous fourth of July race in Georgia, much to the delight of the American fans, when he began fist pumping in celebration. His victory celebration allowed for just enough hesitation for British Olympian, Scott Overall, to lunge through the line. Overall competed in the marathon at the London 2012 Olympics.

Both runners threw their hands up in the air in victory after crossing the line, but a photo finish determined Overall to be the true winner. Overall won the race by a mere 9/100 of a second, with Overall’s clock time being declared as 29:30 and Payne’s 29:31. As if Payne wasn’t beating himself up enough afterwards, the American runner was forced to endure Overall’s (truthful) taunt over twitter, expounding the importance of always running through the line.