Pennsylvania runner proves that age is no obstacle in running

Joe Viger

On June 20, American runner George Etzweiler raced 7.6 miles on Mount Washington on a course with an elevation gain of 4,700 feet. He ran despite the fact that he is 95 years old and the only runner in his age category.

On Saturday June 20, runners gathered at the Mount Washington Road Race ready to race over difficult terrain. Among them was George Etzweiler who competed in the 7.6 mile course proving that age doesn’t have to be a limitation when it comes to running. He is 95.

Etzweiler ran the full course finishing in 3:28:41. He was the oldest runner at the event. Winners of the event were Joseph Gray in the men’s. He ran a 58:15 race. Kim Dobson won the women’s race crossing the finish line in 1:11:39. The course is known as a difficult one featuring an elevation gain of over 4,700 feet. Despite this fact,¬†Etzweiler was hoping for a faster time.

He also ran it two years ago when he was 93. His first time running at this event though was in 1989 when he was 69. He says that he has no plans to stop running any time soon.

Though many might assume that this avid runner has been at it for his entire life, that’s not the case.¬†Etzweiler only started at age 49.