Rory Linkletter, sporting half a Canadian tuxedo, breaks blue jean mile record

A Canadian brings the blue jean mile world record north of the border running 4:16 at altitude in Utah

Rory Linkletter
Rory Linkletter
Photo: BYU Photo/Courtesy of Rory Linkletter.

Wearing the bottom half of a Canadian tuxedo, Rory Linkletter set a new, albeit unofficial per any governing body, world record in what is known as the blue jean mile.

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The Canadian national team member, and NCAA Division One medallist over 10,000m, ran 4:16 for 1,609m, or one mile, in Utah on Monday morning. The rules for the record? One must be wearing 100 per cent denim jeans. Overalls are OK. Citius Mag, a relatively new running website, first came up with the idea in March and has encouraged anyone to make an attempt at a fast time while wearing jeans. Citius Mag’s pot for a sub-4:00, or a 4:36 for women, blue jean mile is now north of US$1,200.

Linkletter, who represented Canada at the 2017 IAAF World Cross-Country Championships, is one of the top distance runners in the country. The Calgary-born distance runner went to high school in Utah and attends Brigham Young University.

The previous record, in an event that sounds a lot like the beer mile, a spin-off of a standalone, albeit lesser-run, event in athletics, was 4:16.38 by Spencer Brown. It should be noted that Linkletter’s record run came at altitude at BYU in Provo and coverts to approximately 4:11.

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Citius Mag has the following to say regarding the blue jean mile: “Recent efforts to spread the good word of running have been made in the forms of controversial claims to half-marathon-in-a-suit world records. But suits represent elitism. And they aren’t comfy.

But jeans? Who the hell hasn’t worn a pair?”

Rory Linkletter
Photo: BYU Photo/Courtesy of Rory Linkletter.

Jeans are the great common denominator. They are fashionable and functional. Comfortable yet sturdy. Both classic and modern. And I challenge you to find a would-be track fan who is turned off by the inclusion of denim to the sport.”

Sir Walter Miler, a high-performance meet in the United States, will feature a blue jean mile as part of its schedule on Aug. 4. For now, the men’s world record belongs where it should, in Canada. The women’s blue jean mile world record belongs to American Jackie Katzman at 5:29.13.