Team Scotland Commonwealth uniform fashion disaster

Team Scotland has released images of the uniform to be worn by their athletes during the 2014 Games in Glasgow and the general consensus seems to be: “what were they thinking?”

The male athletes will don magenta, turquoise and caramel (yes, all together) plaid kilts, with blue patterned dress shirts. The female athletes will wear knee length wrap dresses, the same unfortunate plaid, but in a shawl version and leather saddle bags.

Designer Jill Blackwood claims that her creations are meant to “inject a contemporary twist” to the team’s traditional incorporation of tartan. Her instructions from Team Scotland were to design “parade uniform that was high on impact and made a real statement.” While her success in invoking a contemporary twist is questionable, Blackwood’s outfits will undoubtedly meet their goal of making a statement.

No matter the country, team outfits for open ceremonies like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games always tend to draw mixed opinions. Scotland’s attempt to infuse cultural heritage into a contemporary outfit is an admirable goal. As twitter user Daivd Meikle pointed out though, if tradition was the desired message, why did Blackwood spurn the official Glasgow 2014 tartan?

The Commonwealth Games begin on July 23 and run for 11 days. The Opening Ceremony in Celtic Park is sure to be a memorable one, at least in terms of fashion.