Terry Fox Runs cancelled due to lack of volunteer interest

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1836_terry_colourEvery year, dozens of cities and towns throughout Canada come together to celebrate the enduring spirt of Terry Fox. These fun runs raise millions of dollars every year to help find a cure for cancer.

This year, organizers of two Terry Fox events in Nova Scotia and another in Abbotsford, B.C. have indicated that they have cancelled their runs because of a lack of volunteers.

“I feel really badly about not bringing it out there for the people, but it’s hard to do it,” Truro organizer Sherri Mallov told the CBC. She had planned the event for Sept. 13 but had to cancel after she was unable to attract enough volunteers. She says that the overwhelming number of other charity runs have made it difficult to appeal to would-be volunteers.

Last year in Truro, a town of just a little over 12,000 people, the Terry Fox Run competed with three other charity oriented runs on the same day in the same area.

“It’s extremely difficult for people to donate to all the runs that are around,” Mallov said of the changing landscape of charity fundraising. “I expect there’s lots of communities across Canada that are having the same trouble. Money just isn’t readily available.”

Mallov’s event is not alone. Terry Fox Runs in Windsor, Ont., Niagara and P.E.I. were also cancelled over the last few years due to a lack of organizational interest.

“There could be run fatigue out there,” Belleville, Ont. Terry Fox Run organizer Vicki Samaras told the CBC. Last year, she was the only runner in her local event. She has since taken over the run and hopes others will continue to help preserve the Terry Fox legacy.”Remember, Terry Fox is the original run.”

To get involved with a Terry Fox Run in your area, please visit their website.