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Top ten running resolutions

2015 New Year celebration

New Year’s is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about this year’s resolutions. If you need some ideas, here are our top running resolutions. Check out some tips on how to achieve your goals here.

1) Try a new distance

If you’re a die-hard 10K runner, consider signing up for a half marathon, or a 5K. Switching up your training to target a different distance will keep you fresh and enjoying the process.

Arata Fujiwara wins Ottawa Marathon 2010 in Course Record time. He was 2nd at Tokyo 2010 and hopes to go one better on Sunday!

2) Achieve a new PB

A classic resolution for most runners, running a personal best is a goal that takes careful planning and effort. When setting a goal time, make sure you consider the steps that you will actually take to achieve this goal (for example, incorporating strength training into your weekly routine) so that the idea seems more achievable.

3) Run for a cause

Give back to a charitable organization that you feel strongly about through running. Try and be more creative than just sending out an email to all your co-workers. Perhaps dedicate each K of your race to someone who donated, to make it more meaningful to both of you.

4) Protect your body

Stepping up your injury prevention game is always a good idea. Even if you’re not injured now, make sure you stay that way by resolving to incorporate dynamic stretching before workouts and scheduling time for foam-rolling.

5) Keep a log

This is a training tool that requires dedication, making it the perfect task for a resolution. By jotting down the length of your run, how it felt and perhaps some details like what you ate beforehand, you will gain insight into what routines work the best for you.

Parkdale Roadrunners6) Join a group

This is a great way to get motivated to increase your mileage and also functions as a new social group.

7) Get strong

The research is adamant–if you want to run fast, you need to be strong. Incorporating a couple weight training sessions into your routine will make you faster and less susceptible to injury.

8) Save the earth

Well, ‘save’ might be an exaggeration, but you can help the environment out by leaving the car at home and commuting by running, walking or cycling.

bathroom scale9) Lose that weight

Probably the most common New Year’s resolution out there, weight-loss will improve your running ability, as long as you remain within a healthy weight range. Small tasks are the key to achieving this larger goals, start with making a list of little things to change, like taking a walk at lunch at work instead of staying at your desk, or limiting dessert to once a week, or resolving to drink alcohol only on weekends.

10) Eat healthier

This is a separate resolution that losing weight because, contrary to what some people think, the desire to eat healthier does not always go hand-in-hand with a desire to lose weight! Start by picking up a healthy cookbook and trying a new recipe once a week.