This Portuguese trail race adds a hilarious rule to its regulations

The Trilhos do Paleozóico, a trail race in Portugal, got creative with its race regulations adding in an unexpected and hilarious rule.


Races typically have lengthy rules and regulations regarding conduct of participants to keep runners safe and inform them of any specifics.

This trail race in particular figured it would get creative and provide an incentive for participants to read the regulations before running.

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The Trilhos do Paleozóico, a trail race with distances ranging from 12K to 48K, has the following race regulation (rule 1.7), which, from Portuguese to English, translates the following:

“Since no one reads the regulations, all athletes will have to run the race completely naked.”

Just a little added incentive (as a joke) for potential runners thinking of entering the race to familiarize themselves with some of the race rules.

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The Trilhos do Paleozóico takes place in Valongo, a district of Porto in Portugal, and will be run March 19-20. Just make sure to read the full rules of conduct if you’re going to be participating just in case they have any other surprises.

And don’t worry, we scanned through the rest of the regulations to see if there’s any more sneaky rules to no avail.

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Footage from the race can be found below:

H/t: Ivosilva via Reddit.