Victoria’s Jim Finlayson runs two miles, drinks eight beers in under 12 minutes

Masters runner Jim Finlayson attempted to break the world record in the beer two-mile in Victoria on Friday evening.

Jim Finlayson

Jim Finlayson beer 2 mile World Record. Unofficial 11:39. #beermile

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Jim Finlayson ran two miles in under 12 minutes on May 13 in Victoria. He also drank eight beers in the process and set a new world record, unofficially, for the beer two-mile running 11:39. Two miles is 3,218 metres, a bit more than eight laps of a 400m track.

Video can be found at the bottom of this page.

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According to, the official aggregate website of all beer-related running results, a beer two-mile consists of eight beers, and eight quarters (laps of a 400m track). Eight beers measuring 355 mL each is just under three litres.

Jim Finlayson currently throwing down in beer 2 mile World Record attempt. 13:00 or bust!

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The previous best, according to, was 14:27 though it’s believed that Australian Josh Harris has run 13:23 for the beer two-mile. Runners must run a penalty lap if they throw up at any point during the race though an extra beer, a ninth in this case, is not necessary.

According to Chris Kelsall, footage of the race will need to be reviewed because Finlayson let out a small amount of beer in the latter stages of the race (11:33 in the video posted below) and it’s unclear whether it warranted a penalty lap. A penalty lap was not run.

Finlayson noted before the race that no one had been able to complete the event previously without throwing up. The Victoria resident, who was the top masters athlete at the Vancouver Sun Run recently in 31:12, ran a 5:01 beer mile in 2015 and has competed for Canada in the beer mile event.

He’s also a former Canadian marathon champion and a former world record holder in the beer mile. Lewis Kent owns the beer mile world record in 4:47.

Finlayson used Phillips Slipstream Cream Ale. Beer must be five per cent alcohol and be 355 mL.

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Footage from the race can be found below: