Virginia man runs two marathons in one day – and wins one


Most people find it difficult enough just to get through one marathon in a day. Michael Wardian finished two, and even won the first.

Wardian raced both the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio and Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathons in a span of 24 hours over the weekend. Over the 84.4K he ran a total of 5:29, winning the first in 2:31:19 and running the later in 2:57:56.

The 39-year-old had a goal of racing two sub-2:30 in one day. That didn’t happen, but he was still happy with his results, even mentioning after the race he would consider trying it again.

The Arlington, Va., resident is a three-time Olympic trials competitor with a best of 2:17.

Wardian played lacrosse at Michigan State University and didn’t pick up competitive running until after he graduated, when he got involved in marathons and ultramarathons.


He will have a few days off, but next weekend plans to run the JFK 50 miler in Washington County, Md., on Saturday, Nov. 23, and a local Turkey Trot 5K the next day. His next big race is the North Face 50 miler championships on Dec. 7.

Over both races on the weekend Wardian averaged 3:54 per kilometre, an impressive feat over the distance, even if he didn’t meet his goal of going under 2:30 twice in one day.