If the motivation is dipping lately, this video is sure to get you back on track– especially if you run in a city.

In the inspirational video below directed by Jorge Victoria and edited by Aneesh Shivanekar, Toronto runner Katie Hudson is featured running through some of Toronto’s major pockets while talking about her running routine. And what she says about running are things that most who have adopted the lifestyle can truly identify with.

“When you first start to run, it’s the biggest struggle. Every. Damn. Day. To get out of bed, to stay motivated…” she says. “But for those who stick with it, something changes inside of you. You start believing in yourself.”

Hudson emphasizes the qualities which she has gained:  strength, confidence and discipline top her list just as it does for a large chunk of the running population– from beginners to long-time veterans.

On top of that, there’s the element of exploration which running brings. For Hudson, she’s able to do that in her home city.

“I visit neighbourhoods that I would never have gone to. I appreciate the cityscape more. I see its beauty and fast-paced nature,” she says.

Watching the video, those familiar with Canada’s biggest city will recognize Casa Loma, Toronto’s Islands, Kensington Market, Nathan Phillips Square and more.

Has running allowed you to explore your city or town? Where do you run?


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