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VIDEO: Men help exhausted runner to the finish at Philadelphia half-marathon

Footage of three men helping a runner finish a half-marathon in Philadelphia has gone viral racking up 22 million views in two days.

Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon

An act of kindness at a half-marathon in Philadelphia is capturing the hearts of millions.

Near the finish of last Sunday’s Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon, several men helped a struggling woman complete the 21.1K. Bryan Crnkovic, in green, and an unnamed man in blue, noticed that the runner was exhausted and helped her forward. As they approached the finish, Joseph McGinty, also in green, turned back after forming a small gap on the group and carried, with the help of Crnkovic, the runner for about 50m.

FOX 29 News captured the moment on video, which, since being posted to Facebook, has been seen more than 22 million times in two days. More than 6,700 people have chimed in on Facebook posting their comments on the video.

The two carried her just short of the finish line and she was able to complete the rest of the race, for the most part, under her own power.

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The two men walked beside the runner after the finish line before race personnel approached the trio. She was escorted away from the finish line chute by a wheelchair, according to Fox 29 News. All three crossed the line in just over two hours.

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“It’s just what we do,” said Crnkovic and McGinty of the running community. “You see someone that needs help, and you just want to help.”

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