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EXCLUSIVE: A running world record like you’ve never seen it before

Here at Canadian Running, we've uncovered some footage of a 4x100m backwards running relay and were curious to how it would look reversed.

Backwards world record

Pump the arms, drive the knees: It’s what runners have been told to focus on when sprinting and this video is a perfect illustration of that.

Here at Canadian Running, our video editor reversed backwards running footage from Neustadt, Germany to see what the final result would be: In a word, epic.

Footage was taken from the 4x100m backwards running world record.

The world record team was comprised of: Sebastian Krauser, Stefan Siegert, Roland Wegner and Gene Allen, according to the video.

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The four’s time of 1:02.55 was a backwards world record at the time (Aug. 11, 2007).

According to Record Holders, the time was broken this past September (also in Germany) with the record improved to 1:02.07.

The original footage can be seen below:

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Backwards running is not just exclusive to short distances. There are backwards world record times for distances from the 100m all the way up to a full marathon.

Canadian Kat Clewley bested the half-marathon world record mark at the Army Run in Ottawa in September but did not apply to the Guinness World Records and thus her time does not appear on the official records page.

Clewley is expected to compete at the backwards running world championships in Essen, Germany in July of 2016, according to our previous story.