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Age is just a number: 98-year-old sets age group record for 1,500m

Orville Rogers, 98, ran the 1,500m at the U.S. Masters Indoor Championships in New Mexico on Saturday morning and looked pretty good en route to a record.

Orville Rogers

The finishing stretch of a 1,500m is typically highlighted by an athlete’s ‘pain face’ as their legs fill with lactic acid, gasping for oxygen, and arms flailing. Despite being 98, Orville Rogers looked pretty darn good crossing the line yesterday at the U.S. Indoor Masters Championships finishing in 16:32.19 for 1,500m.

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His time was an age group record for men 95 and older, according to the USATF (U.S. track and field association). He’s the first U.S. man aged 95 and older to officially run the 1,500m event indoors, according to the USATF records. Rogers runs for Potomac Valley Track Club.

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The meet finished on Sunday after beginning on Friday and was held at the Albuquerque Convention Centre in New Mexico. The event featured athletes as young as 30 all the way up to those like Rogers.

The full race can be found here.