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Bruny Surin speaks out about Russian doping scandal


The news on the Russian doping scandal this week has runners and coaches from all distances upset about the state of athletics, the fairness of competition and the status of running as a credible sport being under question.

Many Canadian athletes have spoken to us to tell us how they feel about the doping crisis. Just recently, Bruny Surin weighed in as well.

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“I’ve been hearing stories since way back when I started,” he says adding that it has been going on too long. He thinks that the IOC and the IAAF need to take sanctions and recognize that this scandal severely impacts the credibility in sport. Not only that, it impacts the views and attitudes of young athletes who are our future stars of running.

“I have 11 athletes here through my foundation,” he says. “I always tell them ‘You can do it without drugs’ but when they see athletes like that, it makes my job very tough. We cannot accept this anymore. This is crazy.”

Watch the full video below.