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Canadian Rob Krar featured in short film ‘Chasing the Distance’

Rob Krar Christina Bauer

Rob Krar Christina Bauer
Hamilton, Ont. native Rob Krar, one of ultrarunning’s fastest runners, is featured, alongside his wife Christina Bauer, in Sierra Club’s newest short film Chasing the Distance.

The four-minute film delves into the couple’s personal connection with ultrarunning and trail running within the proposed Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument in Arizona.

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s premiere tourist destinations and is widely recognized for its landscape.

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A relative newcomer to ultrarunning (Krar began running ultras in 2012) the Canadian already has Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run and Leadville Trail 100 victories to his name.

Krar also has the fastest known times for single and double crossings of the Grand Canyon.

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“Running alone in the trails [is] what I need to keep myself together,” said Krar, who has battled depression for several years.

Rob Krar Christina Bauer
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The movie is petitioning for United States President Barack Obama to name the park as a national monument to prevent possible future resource extraction and commercial construction, according to the website.

Photography: Ian Shive