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VIDEO: Must-watch mile, one runner eliminated each lap in wild sprint

The elimination mile at the first Nitro Athletics competition in Australia was one of the must-watch races of the event that aims to "revolutionize track and field."

Elimination Mile

The Nitro Athletics competition in Melbourne, Australia says its will “revolutionize track and field.”

The new competition features a unique format in that athletes are assigned to teams, one of which Usain Bolt captains, with placings contributing to an overall score. Events including the mixed 4x100m relay and the elimination mile were some of the highlights from the weekend event.

There are three Nitro Athletics competitions in the series; the next ones will be held Feb. 9 and Feb. 11. One of the more exciting events of the first of three competitions was the elimination mile, which is just over four laps of the track, with one athlete being eliminated each time around.

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The format eliminated athletes to three by the final lap with intense sprints down each homestretch as athletes attempted to stay “alive.” The surges proved to be tough on the runners as fatigue appeared to set in earlier than an even-paced effort.

“I think they (the fans) enjoyed it, but I never want to do it again, it was nasty,” second-place finisher Jeff Riseley laughed after the race. That was not what I expected.”

Video of men’s elimination mile


Men’s elimination mile results

1. Ramsden, Matthew – 4:09.02
2. Riseley, Jeff – 4:09.98
3. Webb, Jamie – 4:46.32
4. Musson, Ben – NT (eliminated)
5. Maeda, Renya – NT (eliminated)
6. Gao, Tongyou – NT (eliminated)

"Last night I took an L, but tonight I bounce back" ?? #beastmode #nitroathletics

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If video surfaces of the women’s mile, Canadian Running will post it here. UPDATE: Women’s mile footage can be found here.

Women’s elimination mile results

1. Hall, Linden – 4:36.90
2. Buslenei, Selah – 4:42.43
3. Leonard, Alison – 4:55.98
4. Nagel, Laura – NT (eliminated)
5. Urabe, Ran – NT (eliminated)
6. Li, Meizhen – NT (eliminated)

Recap plus full results can be found here.