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Marten Bostrom becomes the ultimate stair climber covering 400m in 65 seconds

Finnish runner Marten Bostrom ran a 400-metre stretch in 65 seconds, the only catch being that the run was done ascending a steep hill.

In an incredible display of stair climbing, Finnish distance runner and orienteering competitor, Marten Bostrom completed a 400-metre stretch of stairs in 64.99 seconds, a time similar to what an athlete would run on the track for the same distance.

The stair-climbing display took place on Malminkartanonhuippu, an artificial hill near Helsinki, with the ascent consisting of 426 stairs.

Bostrom uses every second or third step as he ascends the hill to the confusion of several on-lookers who appear to be in shock because of his display of athleticism.

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Bostrom is known for his accomplishments in orienteering, a point-to-point sport that requires navigational skills while using a map in unfamiliar terrain. The 33-year-old won a gold medal at the 2013 World Orienteering Championships.

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The climb looks daunting, which is visible in the photo below. The Facebook video has already been seen by over nine million people.