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VIDEO: Those who say golfers aren’t athletes haven’t seen Gary Player’s treadmill hammerfest

Retired golfer Gary Player, 81, dropping the hammer on a treadmill will be the most inspirational thing you see all day.

Gary Player

Gary Player still has it. And anyone who thinks golfers aren’t real athletes may want to reconsider that position after watching footage of Player hammering a workout on a treadmill.

The 81-year-old retired South African golfer, considered one of the best of all-time, posted a video to Twitter and Instagram recently showing just how athletic golfers can be. The legend showed no signs of wear sporting a long-sleeve shirt and Under Armour pants while indoors.

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“It’s important to train your mind and your body to move fast as you age,” he wrote on Twitter. “Don’t give yourself limits. Keep working. Keep moving.”

Fans were quick to comment saying it provided a daily dose of motivation to get their own workouts in.


In addition to Player, Tiger Woods is also believed to have used running extensively in his training routine. Earlier in his career, Woods incorporated one of two types of runs into his schedule, either a 5K for “speed” or a 11K to build “endurance.” Runners can also relate to an injury Woods suffered earlier in his career: a double stress fracture in his tibia, though that is on the severe end of the injury spectrum.