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Gotta see it: Aaron Yoder breaks six minutes in the mile, backwards

Aaron Yoder managed a feat that few other people can say they've accomplished: Running a mile in under six minutes, backwards.

Aaron Yoder

Running six minutes for the mile is not the easiest of feats especially the way this Kansas man decided to run the four-lap distance at an all-weather track in Kansas.

Not only did Aaron Yoder run under 6:00, he also did the entire four-lap race backwards. His 5:54.25 time is also good for a Guinness World Record though it’s been reported that Germany’s Thomas Dold has run 5:46.59 for the backwards mile (not ratified by Guinness)

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Yoder is the cross-country and track and field head coach at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kan., and a former distance athlete with Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kan.

In the video, filmed on Nov. 23, he’s sporting the team kit of the Fort Hays team, named the Swedes.

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Running backwards is commonly known as retro-running and has become quite a hit lately. There are records from the 100m all the way up to the marathon, including backwards relay records.

There are even backwards running world championships, the IRR RetroRunning World Championships, in Essen, Germany. The competition is entering its sixth year and is set to begin in July.