This Girl Can videos tackle exercise-related insecurities

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This Girl Can is a British YouTube series that is inspiring women to exercise despite their insecurities. Worried about what you look like when you sweat? Don’t be. Worried about pace or thigh jiggle when you’re running? Get out there anyway! Running is supposed to be a body-positive sport. It’s not about being skinny. It’s not even always about being fast. If qualms like these are stopping you from running, these videos are sure to give you a boost.

Victoria vs Sweat

Here’s a reminder that it’s not about how you look, it’s about exercising to make yourself feel good and stay healthy. There’s a time and place for beauty and for most of us, gym time is just not it. So you sweat, who cares?

Kelly vs “Mummy!”

Here’s a shout out to all moms who are making it work just like this one.

Grace vs Pace

“I don’t go fast at all”  That’s exactly how many of us feel when running. We just do it anyway…

Julie vs Inhibitions

Forget the inhibitions. Your workout time is your time.