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VIDEO: High school team wins relay race using the world’s largest baton

Here's something you don't see too often in running: The Fairfax High School track team won a 4x100m relay race by using a high jump bar in a baton's place.

Relay High jump pole

First we saw a banana, and now there’s a high school track team that has set the bar even higher for wacky baton substitutes. The Fairfax High School team in Virginia used a high jump bar and, even more impressive, the team won the race despite what appeared to be a disadvantage.

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The video, posted by Aron Jaffe on May 4, has been retweeted 1,400 times with an additional 1,900 likes as of May 9. Even when using a baton that’s tenfold bigger than a typical relay baton, Fairfax was able to win the 4x100m relay.

The event was a home meet held in Fairfax, Va. A high jump bar is typically two metres in length whereas a relay baton is about 30cm.

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Here’s the team posing with their relay baton, also known as a high jump bar, after the event:

We’re just hoping the high jumpers were able to complete in their own discipline without having to report a missing jump bar.